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9/26/2018 1:59:08 AM

A shipping container home can also be creatively designed and built in such a manner that it stands out. In fact, designed properly, it can look exquisite and expensive. And when furnished tastefully, your guests may actually not realize that they are in a shipping container house until you tell them. Take a look at our shipping container homes images to see what we are talking about.

Today we are sharing another spectacular example of a shipping container home and office in Cordoba, Spain. Said to be the first shipping container home in the city, the 12971 sq.ft. house was designed by Francsico Carmona of Futurevo Building. Third Skin Architecture manufactured the shipping container home in a warehouse before being transported and assembled onsite. They used four 40 feet high cube shipping containers.

The home has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living area on the ground floor and an office space to the upper level.  One of the key features of this house is the use of ceramic bases insulating paint and, the other being the internal mezzanine area created by heavily modifying the two stacked containers. Internally, a double foyer for living room and a spiral staircase gives access to the mezzanine which serves as an office and also leads to the terrace which has a beautiful view of the pool and garden. This project uses the spacing technique which allows creating a “virtual corridor” and a better internal layout.

There are many different style of container home can be designed and made in worldwide by our company WZH. Such as two sets 40ft shipping container home can be connected to one big room for two bedrooms and one bathroom; one single 40ft shipping container home can be design one bedroom and one bathroom; two storey of shipping container home with outside stairs that will be have good views for people.The colorful shipping container home appearance will be let you life more funny.


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