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11/2/2018 3:57:25 AM


Today, we’re exploring one of the coolest shipping container homes to come out of India. This signature design from Me.Box relies on a single 40-foot (12.2-meter) container in its construction. True to the convention, its coziness packs a lot of punch.

Let’s take a closer look at what this nifty little abode has to offer. A yellow finish with blue contours makes the aptly named Cool Cat bright and welcoming. A container home with a rooftop deck, what’s not to love about that? The 150-square-foot (13.9-square-meter) terrace has been fitted with guard rails and a water storage tank, too.

A sliding door takes us inside the cozy interior. Who says a compact space can’t accommodate guests? Not us and definitely not Me.Box. There’s even a place to fit entertainment essentials, like a sound system.

The tiny modular kitchen is discreetly tucked away in the corner. Don’t be tricked into thinking its size forgoes functionality, though: There are plenty of amenities to keep the Cool Cat’s dwellers satisfied. The bathroom is neatly nestled in the hallway. And the sleeping quarters are just a few winks away! A full-size bed is the standout feature in the master bedroom. In a way, we’ve come full circle: A second sliding door makes the bedroom soothing and sound.

The Cool Cat lives up to its name, don’t you think? It may be a minimalist take on container living, but all the essentials make their dutiful presence. All in all, this is an efficient little abode, ideal for those who are eager to embrace the simpler side of things.

So what do you think? This seems like the most interesting option for tiny living and off the grind living! I couldn’t find a starting price but you can contact me. Would you live here?

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