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Description of Portable Housing Containers Description of Portable Housing Containers Description of Portable Housing Containers Description of Portable Housing Containers Description of Portable Housing Containers

Description of Portable Housing Containers


Description of Portable Housing Containers

Portable housing containers are now possible thanks to recycled and re-purposed shipping containers.  These incredibly affordable portable housing containers are quite handy and can provide excellent permanent and makeshift accommodation.

Portable housing containers are also in high demand because of their flexibility. They can be converted into just about any type of shelter, accommodation or building of your choice.

An excellent example of portable housing containers is seen in The Salam Emergency Cardiac Surgery Center in Khartoum, Sudan.

Inspired by the many shipping containers previously used in transporting medical supplies lying in waste, architects from Studio Tamassociat felt they could help cut back on the cost of construction whilst still building a state of the art medical facility.

To build the facility, 90+ 20 ft and 10+ 40ft shipping containers were combined together.Portable container homes

Each of the portable housing containers were made up of two 20ft shipping containers combined together to include a bathroom, bedroom, and veranda. The cafeteria in the compound was constructed from 7 40ft shipping containers.

To keep the portable housing containers, cafe and all other shipping container structures cool, the internal walls of the buildings were fitted with 5cm thick insulation panels, while the external surface was insulated using a bamboo brise-soleil system and an insulated roof.

Ventilation and cooling was possible thanks to the use of solar panels and chilling machines.

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Product Information

Portable Housing Containers- Number of Shipping Containers Used:

90+ 20ft Shipping Containers

10+ 40 ft Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Portable Housing Containers by Studio Tamassociat

Benefits of Portable Housing Containers:

Portable housing containers are great alternatives for accommodation because they cost a lot less than conventional buildings and require less time to be successfully constructed.

Given that portable housing containers are frequently made out of shipping containers, they are energy efficient, helps reduce toxic waste and converts otherwise useless shipping containers into something useful and beneficial.

The cost of installation and construction too is cheap. With the proper designs, users can easily install solar panels and ecofriendly power generation methods whilst still using up space efficiently and promoting green living.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building portable container homes from containers go to ‘WZH Group‘

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