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Description of Shipping Container Housing a


Description of Shipping Container Housing

Shipping container housing designs are increasingly becoming more innovative and creative thanks to forward thinking and ingenuous architects and designers.  A good example of an impressive shipping container housing project is the Keetwonen.  Known as of one of the biggest shipping container housing projects in the world, the housing project is extremely popular among students in Netherlands.

Some other large projects include Shipping container shopping mall and the Shipping container hotel.

Because these shipping container apartments were both affordable and comfortable, it turned out to be a big success among students in Amsterdam.

In fact, Keetwonen shipping container housing is now the second most popular student dormitory offered by the student housing corporation “De Key”.  The initial fears that the container homes would be too small, too noisy, too cold or too hot, all turned out to be unfounded.

The apartments are relatively spacious, quiet and well insulated and certainly offer value for money, especially when compared to other student homes in the city.

The shipping container housing units  also come complete with facilities like personal bathroom and kitchen, balcony, separate sleeping and study room, large windows that provide daylight and a view and even an automatic ventilation system with variable speeds.

The heating is from a central natural gas boiler system.  The hot water is supplied by one 50 litre tank per home and a high speed Internet connection is included, as well as a central audio phone system for visitors at the main door downstairs.

The shipping container housing project was designed as a place of comfort for the students. A place where they do not have to share the shower and the toilet with strangers. Because the shipping container housing project was well accepted and popular, relocation will be postponed till 2016.

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Product Information

Number of Shipping Containers Used inn this Shipping Container Housing Project:

Over 80 Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Shipping Container Housing by Temphousing and De Key

Benefits of Shipping Container Housing:

Shipping container housing projects are great alternatives for accommodation because they cost a lot less than conventional buildings and require less time to be successfully constructed.

Given that shipping container housing projects are frequently made out of shipping containers, they are energy efficient, helps reduce toxic waste and converts otherwise useless shipping containers into something useful and beneficial.

The cost of installation and construction too is cheap. With the proper designs, users can easily install solar panels and ecofriendly power generation methods whilst still using up space efficiently and promoting green living.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: 6-8 Months.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘WZH Group‘

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