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Description of Student Container Housing a Description of Student Container Housing a Description of Student Container Housing a Description of Student Container Housing a Description of Student Container Housing a Description of Student Container Housing a

Description of Student Container Housing a


Description of Student Container Housing

Smart individuals and organizations are gradually turning to recycled shipping containers for things like student container housing projects.

Instead of waiting for conventional lodgings, they can build student container housing structure for a considerable fraction of the cost.  For instance, the Cité A Docks student container housing project designed by Cattani Architects is a good example of how student accommodation problems can be solved.

Other Student Apartments include the Amsterdam Student Housing building.

Consisting of 100 apartments, this student container housing is situated in LeHavre in France.  The new town is the result of the transformation of old containers in modular housing units equipped with every comfort. Mounted on a metal grid, the containers have given shape to a four-story building that houses 100 apartments of 24 square meters each.

To keep the student container housing apartments firm,  a metal frame acts as a structural support to hold the old container, thus enabling new space for walkways, patios and balconies.

The student container housing has over four floors, which are distributed on the 100 studios. The first level was raised from the ground. In this way, the units here guests can enjoy the same privacy afforded to units on the upper floors.

All the student container housing apartments overlook a garden inside and are equipped on both ends of the glass walls that allow natural lighting of spaces.

To ensure maximum heat and sound insulation, the walls of the container adjacent to the outside and those that divide the different units have been coated with fire walls in reinforced concrete 40cm wide, and come within layers of rubber to dampen vibrations.

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Number of Shipping Containers Used in this Student Container Housing:

Over 100 shipping containers

Credits to:

Student Container Housing by Cattani Architects

Benefits of Student Container Housing:

Decent and practical student container housing accommodation is now within your reach, thanks to this fantastic student container housing prototype and design. Most people are unaware of this excellent source of housing.

Student container housing is affordable, flexible and can be designed to your taste. Because they are built from recycled shipping containers, student container housing constitute less waste, promote a green environment, conserve energy and promotes efficient, cost effective living.

Other buildings made from shipping containers include Cabins, Offices, Apartments,  Pop up restaurants and even a Container City Project.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘WZH Group‘

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