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Shipping Container Homes Australia is Under Construction

When built the Shipping Container Homes Australia website will be the biggest and most comprehensive website on Shipping Container Homes in Australia. Not only that but all of the information will be practical and extremely useful for anyone who is thinking about, planning on or in the process of building a Shipping Container Home.  We have also provided a list of companies with shipping container homes for sale and you can get quotes on buying container homes here.

Shipping container home are also known as cargo shipping container homes, cargo container homes, container house, container ship homes, ship container homes, shipping container accommodation, storage container homes and more.

If you don’t have time to wait for us to finish this site (it may be a while) then we strongly recommend you go to ‘Build a Container Home‘

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Product Information

Shipping Container Homes Australia will contain-Cargo Shipping Container Homes Australia

  • Architecturally drawn plans for over 50 Shipping Container Houses (Ready to be submitted to your council, including 3d designs),
  • These plans will also come with cost of shipping container homes and instructions on how to build your house quickly and without making costly mistakes,
  • We will show you where to get the  building products for the lowest cost, typically saving people $3,000 – $12,000,
  • All instructions will be available in a written, spoken and video format,
  • A list of shipping container home builders,
  • We will list every supplier of Shipping Container Homes in Australia and even the International companies who supply to Australia.  This is so you can easily compare every option if you decide to buy a pre-built Shipping Container House.
  • Specific information (including the cost of shipping container homes) for container homes in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Container house Step by Step plan and check list to easily go through everything from-

  • Weighing up if a Container home is right for you,
  • Working out what you want and how much the container house will cost,
  • Dealing with the council and their laws,
  • Finding, filling out and submitting all forms necessary,
  • How to get the   contractors for the  price,
  • A fantastic Project management tool to make the building process painless,
  • Finishing the shipping container house on time and under budget.

  • We also have sponsorship from major brands who have agreed to fantastic discounts on common building materials, including cargo shipping containers, Insulation, Electricals, Power Tools, Solar Power etc.
  • And much more.

Who is Shipping Container Homes Australia for?Shipping Container Homes Australia

In a nutshell, every person who desires to have a stylish, affordable and eco home design.


  • Shipping container home builders,
  • Owner builders,
  • Australians who want to live in their own home, not the banks,
  • Australians who want to be financially free,
  • Investors who are keen to maximise their investment potential,
  • People who want a solid and stylish home for under $600 per sqm, not $1200 like most builders charge.

If you would like us to email you when we make the site live, please fill out the form below and Shipping Container Homes Australia will get back to you with our new site ASAP.

 container homes

Many people have been asking us what is the  container home? and we often have to give a reply similar to “The  container home is one which suits your needs”.

This seems like a bit of a cop out but there are so many variables that it is impossible for us to tell you the  option, however here are a few tips for the  container home –

  1. If you are worried about the container homes cost, make it basic. The more intricate it is the more cost is involved.
  2. Does it need to be transportable? Transportable container homes are more expensive than permanent ones.
  3. If your opinion of the   shipping container home is based on style, work with a designer to create the exact look you are after.
  4. The  shipping container home is truly opinion based so do your research and make a list of what is important to you.



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