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Weizhengheng modular homes prefabricated shipping container for sale camping

Sep. 20, 2019

Orion camp in xuchang, henan province

Prefab modular container school building

Easy to use and construct

Better Quality Construction

Environment friendly

Mainly Introducing

Configuration list

Structure: all metal frame structure, top full welding, organized drainage

Bathroom: fine decoration, toilet, including toilet, lavabo, shower etc

Lighting: leishi/Siemens LED lamps

Door and Windows: broken bridge aluminum insulation

Floor: solid wood floor

Water and electricity: concealed wiring, brand switch socket air conditioning: optional

Furniture: tatami furniture: optional

Inside: solid wood or ecological wood veneer

Insulation: double layer insulation structure, 100mm insulation wall.(optional)

Accessories: cable interface, telephone interface, cable TV interface, etc

Specification: 3.5 m (wide)x 2.6 m (high)x6.8 m (long)

Exterior wall: wood-grain board

Product supply period: 60 days after ordering

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