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Hot sale luxury flat pack foldable 20ft expandable container house

Our expandable container have all the base installation include bathroom, kitchen and all the Electric, Plumbing system, everything is already prefabricated in the factory, which saves a lot of labour force and time. installation the expandable containe house need around week can be finish. because our expandable container house easy to install, if there are 3-4 workers it will take about a week to install expandable container house.

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Hot sale luxury flat pack foldable 20ft expandable container house


5850mm*2250mm*2530mm(L*W*H),this size is packing size for shipping    

 5850mm*6280mm*2530mm(L*W*H),this size is expandable size.                  

 6850mm*6280mm*2530mm(L*W*H),this size is after installing size


  1. First Layer:15mm MGO/BULU Board;             

  2.  Second layer :1.6mm PVC floor.Color Choose:106/270-8 Expand middle position gaps aluminum cover part

Roof/Wall: 1.75mm EPS With Double Side 0.5mm Steel Sandwich panel         

                    2.Central External Roof 3mm Steel Panel             

                    3.Central Internal Roof extra glass wool insulation and bamboo fiberboard cover panel  


Electric system(CE/UL/SAA/BSI/BV/CSAstandard): 1.One Of Distribution Junction Box ;   

                                                                                   2. Ceiling Lights/Switches and sockets.

Bathroom: 1.Hand Washbin With Board and Mirror           

                  2.Glass Sliding Showerroom With ABS foundation or tiles shower room need choose                          


Plumbing system:  AU/US/EU Standard PPR Water Pipes and PVC pipes  

Kitchen cupboard: 2200x1400 Kitchen cupboard,  Quantity:1 unit






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