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2018 Prefabricated Steel Flat Pack Container Shopping Mall Prefab Modern Building

Yansha Shopping Mall
Prefab modular container school building
Easy to use and construct
Better Quality Construction
Environment friendly

  • Mainly Introducting
  • Main Material

Nowadays, more and more individuals began to use the container house as commercial street. You can put the building in any pieces of land. And by combination with each other, you can get a variety of shapes. Not only just about this, container house is Eco-friendly, convenient to install, easy to move, need short construction period, and can be repeatedly disassembled. Due to these features, container house is widely used in medical, office, accommodation and other areas.

Yansha Business street is made of 24 sets standard container house. The roof of these container house is filled with glass wool, a kind of best fireproof material. As for the wall, toughened glass has been used for better insulation so that people will not feel cold even in chilly winter.

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