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Container Theme Hotel Movable Container House Made From Flat Pack Containers House China

Container Theme Hotel in beijing
Prefab modular container building
Easy to use and construct
Better Quality Construction
Environment friendly

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This project is located in Beijing. Consisted of 94 sets of container houses, we just use 60 days to finish the production and installation procedure. For the exterior wall panel, they have been painted by rose red with white. With the personalized theme to decorated the inside . The whole project looks like simple but fashion a whole color collocation is simple and fashion. It meets the needs of young generation to look for "personality" and "fashion".

Taking modular house design as the hotel or business street in tourist scenery zone, it is cost -saving and can be move, easy to install and re-assemble. It can be built as temporary buildings in tourist scenery zone. When you don't need , you can move it and even dismantle it. Compared with the traditional construction methods, flat pack container house just need short duration. At the same time, it just reflect the design of flat pack container, low carbon, Eco-friendly, and fashion.

Use a variety of decorative materials and techniques, form different theme, full of a strong flavor of love.

Container Theme Hotel Movable Container House Made From Flat Pack Containers House China

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