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Prefab Mobile Toilet House

Portable Toilet is suitable for railway stations, docks, tourist attractions, villa areas, new residential areas, large construction sites,squares, densely populated public places and prosperous commercial streets. Portable public toilets have the advantages of being mobile, combined and convenient for transportation.It can suitable fit with empty expandable house or modular houses ,also can be using as alone.

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Prefab Mobile Toilet House

Product Name
Portable Toilet
galvanized steel + alumunum alloy
EPS wall with lock
Exhaust fan
exhaust fan AU/US/EU standard
Single washing hands sink
15mm MGO board
Wall Panel
50mm EPS sandwich wall panel
Sitting toilet
Lights,switch, breaker, sign, shower

Applications Of Portable Toilets

 1. Outdoor Activities: Including camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits where portable toilets provide convenient sanitation facilities.

 2. Special Events: Such as music festivals, sports competitions, markets, and fairs, where portable toilets can quickly meet the sanitation needs of large crowds.  

 3. Temporary Construction Sites: Portable toilets are essential facilities for workers on construction sites, roadworks, and other temporary engineering projects.

 4. Emergency Relief: During natural disasters or emergency situations, portable toilets can swiftly provide basic sanitation facilities, helping people maintain health and dignity.

 5. Public Gatherings: For street celebrations, government outreach programs, and other public events, portable toilets can offer additional sanitation 

facilities, enhancing convenience and attractiveness.

Mobile Toilet Modular House

Characteristics Of Portable Toilets

 1. Portability: Portable toilets are typically designed to be lightweight and easy to move, making them convenient for use in various locations or for relocation.  

 2. Independence: These toilets are usually standalone units with their own seats, water tanks, and storage space, requiring no connection to the main sewage system.

 3. Ease of Installation: Setting up portable toilets often requires minimal construction work or plumbing connections, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly within a short period.

 4. Versatility: Portable toilets are suitable for a range of environments, including outdoor activities, temporary construction sites, camping grounds, music festivals, sports events, etc.  

 5. Hygiene: Well-designed portable toilets typically feature easy-to-clean surfaces and maintenance procedures to ensure the health and safety of users.

 6. Environmental Friendliness: Some portable toilets are made from eco-friendly materials or utilize biodegradable waste bags or chemicals to minimize environmental impact.

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