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How Is The Container House Built Step By Step?

Apr. 22, 2020

As an Expandable House, the container house is welcomed by the young people. The characteristic of the container house is the standardization of the size. The construction unit of the container house comes from the ready-made container. It is constrained by the size of the container. The outer dimensions of most containers have a uniform size limit. Low, affecting the user's experience, if you want a larger space, you can stack several containers, but you must fully consider the structure and safety, not to mention the vertical space is opened, and a stronger structure is needed to stabilize .

Containers can be used for large tasks in the transportation business, and can generally be used for 10-15 years. If the eliminated and undamaged boxes still have good physical properties, they can generally be used for 15 years. If they can be used with concrete and If other structures are mixed, it can be more durable.

Expandable House

Expandable House

The material of the container house itself is influenced by the physical physical characteristics of the metal. It has strong thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance, which makes the indoor temperature unstable. It is necessary to provide an additional thermal insulation layer. Anti-corrosion treatment, in addition, the general container shipping is used more in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, some countries produce container paints that use chromate, phosphorus or lead paint, so you must identify the container before making it into a container house The source of the body should be processed and used for some boxes.

The appearance of the container house is generally started from the colour and shape. The colour and pattern are very suitable for the literary and art fan. They are generally used by young people. The shape can also be placed in different angles of several containers, according to the foundation of the construction. Take care not to create sharp and triangular spaces and spaces that the human body cannot use.

The container house is relatively advanced in contemporary housing thinking, so it is still relatively new thinking, so it needs a professional team to design a container house. If you want to Custom Container Houses, you can contact our Prefab House Supplier.

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