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T12 Travel Trailer

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1.Off Grid Capability

* Many of our models come equipped for off the grid living. All of our tiny homes can be easily upgraded with solar and holding tanks


We can custom make any floor plan to suit so the possibilities are endless


2.Tiny Homes are a great way to live full time or travel about

* High-End Custom RV Travel Trailer
* 100% Mobile
* Tiny house on wheels can be hitched up and mobile within a matter of minutes. This means no expensive equipment or special permits.


3. Purchase Notice

1. When parking the car, you need to support the parking jack before getting on the car;

2. When the temperature is below zero in winter, the water heater, water tank, and water pipes need to be drained;

3. When the amount of water in the water tank is insufficient, the power supply of the water pump needs to be turned off, and do not run idly;
4. When driving, the positioning pin lock must be locked and the safety rope must be tied to prevent the danger of unhooking;
5. Please turn off the main power when the vehicle is not in use;
6. It is forbidden to bring people in the RV when driving, so as to avoid danger;
7. Please keep the tire pressure between 3.8-4.3 kg;
8. Before driving, make sure that the traction device of the vehicle in front is safe and reliable;
9. If it is an optional fixed toilet RV, after using the fixed toilet, please do not throw paper towels directly into the
toilet to avoid blockage;
10. When driving, lock the doors and windows and put the shower head in the bathroom below;
11. When driving continuously for a long time and long distance, you need to check the temperature of the middle axle of the tire at the service area regularly (test the temperature by hand, whichever is not hot), and the long-distance downhill section should be slow and stopped to ensure that the brake system is fully heat-dissipating.


In the case of ignoring this description, the company will not be responsible for the problems, damages and accidents caused thereby; similarly, the company will not be responsible for the problems caused by the modification, reshaping and installation of the RV without the approval of the company. Take any responsibility.

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