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30ft Apple Cabin Prefab House

The prefabricated apple cabin description: 20ft or 30ft or 40ft Modular home inside.Apple cabin has a beautiful open plan lounge with kitchen and bathroom.

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30ft Apple Cabin Prefab House

Product Name:Apple Cabin-WH001

Material:Sandwich Panel,Steel,Decoration Panel,Bathroom,Kitchen

Use:house,cabin,tiny house,granny flat

Product Type:Apple Cabin Container

Design Style:Holiday cabin,Working studio house,Tiny house,Instant house


Washroom with shower+Back push out window+bedside cupboard+Top spotlight

External materials:Aluminum composite panel. White fluorocarbon single coated aluminum plate,Double-layer,lightweight

high-strength push out windows and bridge-cut aluminum alloy doors,internal decoration,upper cupboard

Internal materials:Wood-plastic plain grain gusset plate. EPS grade sandwich panel plate and insulation 

30ft Apple Cabin Prefab House30ft Apple Cabin Prefab House


Hidden Aluminum Assembled – Waterproof, Fire-resistant, Heat Preservation and Insulation

 * Long lifespan of over 50 years.

 * Class A fire-resistant rating.

 * Anti-seismic performance of up to 8 degrees.

 * Typhoon resistance of up to 12 degrees.

 * Sound insulation up to 40 decibels.

 * Advantages: Assembled building that is movable at any time, convenient and designed for comfort. Provides a unique travel experience.

Advantage of the Apple Cabin:

First of all, the cost of apple cabin price is 30% lower than that of traditional building, which is more suitable for individual small-scale operation;

Secondly, the construction period is short, more than 85% faster than the traditional structure, and the construction period can be as fast as 10 days;

At the same time, the apple cabin can be moved;

In addition, apple cabin is built without construction waste and noise pollution, which is green and environmental protection.

20ft Apple Cabin Modular Prefab Tiny Homes

20ft Apple Cabin Modular Prefab Tiny Homes

20ft Apple Cabin Modular Prefab Tiny Homes

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