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Prefabricated Container House Prefab Modern Modular Container Hotels/Village/House

Container Village in beijing
Prefab modular container building
Easy to use and construct
Better Quality Construction
Environment friendly

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Located in Beijing countryside, this project is made up of more than 40 container houses. Surrounded by mountains, this hotel project combined container house culture with the natural fresh air and pleasant scenery.

Taking modular house design as the hotel or business street in tourist scenery zone, it is cost -saving and can be move, easy to install and re-assemble. It can be built as temporary buildings in tourist scenery zone. When you don't need , you can move it and even dismantle it. Compared with the traditional construction methods, flat pack container house just need short duration. At the same time, it just reflect the design of flat pack container, low carbon, Eco-friendly, and fashion.

Prefabricated Container House Prefab Modern Modular Container Hotels/Village/House

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