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Expandable Container House

  • Mainly Introducting
  • Main Material
External sizeL5850mm*W4350/5100/6360mm*H2500mm
Inner sizeL5390mm*W4250/5000/6260mm*H2420mm
Packing sizeL5850mm*W750/1100/2250mm*H2500mm
Option size20ft,40ft,etc...
Main materialGalvanized steel structure with sandwich panel wall and doors,windows,etc.
Weight2500kg or more
ColorWhite,blue,green,brown, or customized
Roof3-4mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts and
(1)Galvanized steel roof covering;
(2)50mm -70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel ;
(3)50mm-70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel 
Columns3mm Hot galvanized steel structure
Wall50/75/100mm EPS/Rock woll/PU sandwich panel
DoorMade of steel/aluminum frame,dimension W870*H2040mm,furnish with a handle lock with 3 keys,or sliding glass door W1500*2000mm.
WindowMade of PVC/aluminum fame,dimension W930*H1100mm,glazed with double glass in a thickness of 5/8/5mm.
Connection kitsPVC Connection kits for ceiling,floor and walls.
Electricity3C/CE/CL/SAA Standard,with distribution box,lights,switch,sockets,etc.
Optional accessoriesFurniture,sabnitary,kitchen,A/C,electrical appliance for accomodation,office,dormitory,toliet,kitchen,bathroom,shower,steel
roof,cadding panels,decorative material,etc


Advantage of the container house:

First of all, the cost of container is 30% lower than that of traditional building, which is more suitable for individual small-scale operation;

Secondly, the construction period is short, more than 85% faster than the traditional structure, and the construction period can be as fast as 10 days;

At the same time, the container building can be moved;

In addition, container house is built without construction waste and noise pollution, which is green and environmental protection.



Construction and assembly:
On average, it takes our highly skilled and experienced team 3 days to construct on site. It is fully transportable and relocatable and can be packed up within hours with very little fuss.We can provide installation video. 


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