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Come to Customize Your Container Store Now!

Sep. 06, 2022

In recent years we often see a variety of container commercial street, pedestrian street, and a variety of container stores. Container due to the convenience, flexibility and other characteristics are widely used in various areas of daily life, such as container dormitory, container housing, container RV, container sales office, container B&B and so on. WZH GROUP will introduce you to understand the advantages of container stores.


The advantages of container stores


At first many people choose the container because of the low cost of the container, inexpensive, with the continuous improvement of technology, container building this treasure is gradually discovered, WZH GROUP container not only waterproof, heat insulation, and variable shape, will bring unexpected surprises.


Short construction period


The first advantage of container for stores is the short construction cycle, more than eighty-five percent faster than the traditional structure, according to the design drawings to divide the doors and windows, and then cut out the location. As most of the containers are ready-made, which to a certain extent in shortening the construction cycle, and the container floor, walls used in most of the materials are prefabricated in the factory, store done after the equipment can be put in to open for use, small projects 5-10 days to complete.


Come to Customize Your Container Store Now!

Energy saving and environmental protection


Container in the transformation process zero construction waste, no noise pollution, in the decoration process used in the insulation, waterproof materials are also environmentally friendly materials, and container stores can be recycled, this place can change the site according to the actual situation after the expiration of the approval of the temporary construction. Container stores eighty percent of the materials can be recycled, belonging to the new energy-saving and environmentally friendly building.


Variable modeling


Because the container is a modular assembly, the container can be built through the stacking of boxes, splicing, staggering and other combinations, a variety of shapes, in appearance will give people a huge visual impact. Coupled with the appearance of personalized spray paint, very much in line with the aesthetic pursuit of contemporary youth.


Sturdy and durable


The container store is composed entirely of steel, which has a strong ability to resist earthquake and deformation.


WZHGROUP focuses on providing 6 integrated housing solutions for builders, design institutes, developers and building material traders: PC modular houses, multi-storey buildings, steel buildings, container houses, light steel villas and expandable container houses.


Come to WZH GROUP to customize your container store!

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