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Why Can Container Houses Make Rapid Progress in Today's Fierce Industry Competition?

Apr. 06, 2020

Why can container houses make rapid progress in today's fierce industry competition? The following Temporary Housing Factory shares the secret of a container house winning a competitive advantage.

1. Price advantage: Container houses are very affordable, especially when people are frustrated by today's high housing prices, container houses have become the choice of many people. After all, the container houses are calculated one by one, and the price of a container exceeds 10,000. The price of this container house is comparable to the price of square meters in some commercial areas. Container houses have obvious advantages.

2. Mobile: Another feature of the container house is that it can be moved. It is not fixed in a place like a concrete house, but Mobile Container House can be moved in the entire container, so it is not too troublesome to move.

3. Simple and convenient installation: Since the container house is a box that has been built before leaving the factory, its name can also be obtained. Its installation is very troublesome, it can be installed and stayed within a few hours, so for some temporary housing, such as construction sites, disaster areas and other places are temporary temporary residence. If you want to build your own hotel and determine the location, it will take a lot of time to complete the subsequent construction. However, container hotels have more advantages and are easier to build, and the consumption in time will be very small, so there is more time to plan renovations and enter the commercial state faster.

Modular Container House

Modular Container House

4. Low cost of building materials

As we all know, many materials need to be used in construction, such as steel, cement and a lot of wood. Therefore, the cost of building a hotel will definitely consume a lot, which is definitely not enough for startup entrepreneurs. The choice of a good container hotel can make the consumption cost small. Compared with the construction of ordinary hotels, container hotels will be more suitable for personal operation.

5. Reliable security of the structure of the container house:

The unified and sturdy overall structure and the perfect and complete box-shaped structure enable the container house to withstand the 11th-level storm and be comfortable in the storm.

6. The installation of the container house is simple and fast:

The container house is a pre-designed and self-contained perfect structural system, which makes the installation of the container house relatively simple; Every day, 4 skilled workers can install three units, which saves time and effort, and greatly improves your work efficiency!

7. The packaging and transportation of the container house is convenient:

The container house was designed with packaging and transportation in mind. Therefore, after scientific and reasonable design and processing, it can provide a better loading method. Each 40-foot container can be installed with 6 standard unit boxes, which greatly saves transportation space and transportation costs.

The above are the advantages of container houses introduced by Modular Container House supplier.

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