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What is a Pre-construction House?

Mar. 30, 2020

There is no doubt that Pre-Construction Homes have certain appeal to home buyers. Pre-construction homes are usually cheaper than resale or off-the-shelf homes because you basically buy promises. You place your deposit (according to the purchase contract) and the builder promises to deliver the house in a few years. Beyond the price, another advantage of buying a brand new one is that no one has ever lived at home. Also, the house has not yet been built, so you can customize it to your liking. But you have to ask yourself if all of these may be a little too good to be true when buying a home. If pre-building is under consideration, this is Container House Manufacturers China to help you determine if this is really suitable for you.

What is a pre-construction house?

Pre-construction homes are homes you purchase before construction. Choose the home you want, including:

High rise condominium

Low-rise condominium

Detached houses

Semi-detached house

Town house

Condo development involves buying a 3D computer rendering that provides a simulation of a house or walk-through away from the blueprint. For houses, you can usually visit a model house where much of the future development is taking place. Model homes tend to be very ambitious in their decor, but this is a better way to look more realistically what you buy.

Pre-Construction Homes

Pre-Construction Homes

Benefits of a house before construction

So what is the big attraction of the pre-construction house? There are many benefits, here Modified Container House supplier will come to tell you. Its benefits including:


It is almost guaranteed to increase in value while your home is being built.

2.No bidding war

Depending on where you are shopping in your home, the bidding war can actually push prices up. When inventory is low, buyers are desperate, and the more attractive the home and surrounding area, the more likely it is that the price of the resold home will be higher. When it comes to pre-construction, you are looking at set prices. Usually at fair market prices, you know exactly how much you will pay.

3.Designer home

You have the option to design your home with many upgrades available. Not only upgrades such as kitchen counters and flooring, but also structural upgrades such as adjusting some floor plan options are possible. It's much more affordable than moving renos and upgrades because it makes all decisions about changes during the building process. You can make smart decisions to increase the value of your home resale.

4.Lower condo prices

If you purchase a pre-construction condo, the price of a newly built condo will be lower than a resale condo. That's because it's all new, and administrators haven't yet figured out how much it will cost to operate a building or asset.

5.Flexible deposits and down payments

Deposits and down payments are more likely to be required before construction, but payments are made staggered. With a small upfront payment and the rest paid on schedule until the final close, you have time to keep saving.

6.Better choice

There are more options for pre-construction purchases compared to resale condos such as unit floors and locations.

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