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Container :Warm Industrial Wind

Jan. 11, 2021

With the development of society, travel has become the first choice for people to relieve stress in the high-pressure and busy urban life. However, during peak tourist periods, housing conditions are always in short supply. In order to solve the above problems, Container Houses are gradually playing an important role in the tourism industry. From a durable transportation tool to a cutting-edge architectural form at the forefront of fashion, the strong industrial style and the texture of its own artistic style have made it a lot of fans once it is launched.

At this stage, it can be said that China's container house market is still in a relatively primary cultivation period. Most people's knowledge of containers still remains on the sheds and simple dormitories. However, in recent years, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, container modular prefabricated buildings rely on its factory-based prefabricated production + on-site installation mode, which not only shortens the construction period, but also eliminates the uneven construction level caused by different regions. The problem of uneven building quality. So we have reason to believe that container houses will most likely usher in its first explosive growth in China in the next few years.

Transportation Containers

Transportation Containers

From transportation artifacts to ever-changing giants

The container house, also known as the container mobile house, mainly refers to the container as the basic material, which has been transformed into a simple residence with windows and doors. Containers were originally widely used as simple transportation equipment. However, some people modified the Transportation Containers, opened doors, windows, and decorated the interiors, and equipped them with beds, sofas and other furniture and electrical equipment to transform them into container houses. This way of living has both temporary and permanent, limited and infinite qualities, and its tension makes it the ever-changing queen of architecture.

Taking the combination of container modules as the main form, it has many characteristics such as movable, detachable, combinable, anticorrosive, and long service life. With the advancement of modern manufacturing technology and the application of creative design techniques, the scope of use of container buildings has become wider and wider, transforming into a modern architectural form that combines practicality and functionality. In the development of campsites, containers can evolve into recreational centers, tourist reception centers, hotel resort centers and other forms. Its natural advantage is to provide unlimited possibilities for the development of campsites.

The container house usually uses natural and environmentally friendly materials for transformation, and it can be recycled and reused after the expiration date, and the damage to the ecological environment is minimized; and the container house only needs to be assembled on the site, without the need for large-scale civil engineering It maintains the integrity of the natural landscape and ecological environment in the area; container houses are usually temporary buildings. When the scope of self-driving camps is expanded and functions are adjusted, the original facilities do not need to be abandoned and can be moved flexibly according to the needs of the camp. , To save resources and protect the environment; most of the materials of container houses are constructed in the form of factory prefabrication and on-site assembly, which greatly shortens the construction period compared with brick-concrete houses. Due to the splicing method, the house design will be changed in the future, and the original materials can be used. The construction is simple and flexible. In addition, container houses can well solve the problems of water supply, power supply, sewage and garbage disposal, and have great adaptability. The requirements for construction sites are low. Deserts, mountains, and seashores are all areas where mobile resort facilities can be used.

Container houses and the brick-concrete structure houses that tourists live in daily have obvious differences in materials and structures. They have various styles and can provide tourists with a unique experience. Through the construction of container houses of different styles and configurations, the multi-level needs of tourists from ordinary guest rooms to holiday villas can be met. Through the combination of itself and the site, it can achieve the multiple effects of co-existence with the ecological environment and unified integration with the landscape. Usually in more mature campsites, the mobile resort facilities themselves have become a major selling point of self-driving campsites, creating the unique geographical charm of the campsite.

Campsites themselves are also a type of tourism real estate, but unlike traditional tourism real estate projects, campsites must consider more supporting services related to self-driving cars. Through the construction of resort facilities of different carriers, supporting high-quality additional services, and gathering passenger flow to achieve the unification of social and economic benefits is the key to the sustainable development of the camp. The construction period of traditional civil engineering reception facilities is at least one year, while the container house can usually be completed within a few months, and the construction and decoration can be carried out simultaneously. It can greatly shorten the construction period, realize rapid operation, shorten the investment payback period, and drive the rapid appreciation of surrounding real estate, and the construction and development of movable facilities is weak, and the potential for secondary appreciation of land is huge.

At present, the contradiction between my country's growing demand for tourism land and the relatively scarce construction land index is very prominent. The construction of traditional civil construction tourism and vacation facilities requires a large amount of land, which is significantly restricted by land use indicators. "Projects, funds, lack of land, and difficulty in implementation" are the embarrassing situation faced by many tourist areas, which also restrict the implementation of tourism planning. An important factor in economic growth. The construction of container houses can perfectly circumvent the policy restrictions on tourist land and ensure the smooth implementation of the project; even during the normal business period of the camp, it can minimize the interference to other tourists and ensure that first-class tourists are provided anytime and anywhere. Tour experience: Another advantage of this model is that it can flexibly increase the resort facilities according to the actual needs of the camp, without affecting the normal operation of the camp.

Standard equipment for container houses or campsites

With the development of modern manufacturing, container house construction technology, material processing technology, and new material manufacturing technology are all improving day by day, which to a large extent has laid a realistic foundation for the widespread use of containers. In the actual operation process, the in-depth integration with culture, creativity, folklore, and landscape presents a trend of increasing quality, diversification, and stylization, with changeable appearance, different themes, and a wide range of applications.

First of all, from the point of view of national standards and regulations, characteristic movable resort facilities have become an important part of the added value of camping sites. In 2015, the "Recreation Campground Construction and Service Specification" issued by the National Standardization Management Committee raised the characteristic functional areas and basic functional areas to an equally important position. , The creation of entertainment facilities area to realize the specialization and value-added of self-driving camps.

Secondly, from the perspective of the construction and operation of campsites, our country's campsites are entering an era of simultaneous development of standardization and personalization, and Portable Container Houses will become the standard configuration of campsites. From the perspective of the current functional composition of the more mature camping sites in my country, the RV camping area, the characteristic tent area, the log cabin and villa area and other characteristic functional areas occupy a larger proportion.

Specific to the actual application range, container houses can be used in four major areas: 1. Comprehensive reception facilities, such as tourist service centers, shopping malls, etc.; 2. Leisure and vacation facilities, such as economic accommodation areas, high-end accommodation areas, specialty accommodation areas, etc. ; 3. Entertainment facilities, such as conference center, chess and card room, children's activity center, etc.; 4. Basic supporting facilities, such as restaurant, laundry room, toilet, etc.


Green, environmentally friendly, flexible, easy to install, and low-cost container construction has become a hot spot for investment in the development of self-driving tours in my country. In the actual construction of the camp, the construction of container buildings should also pay attention to the in-depth integration of art and culture. While giving tourists more diversified accommodation and leisure options, it also creates a better service experience.

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