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Do Container Houses Rust Over Time?

Jun. 22, 2022

Container homes are made of metal, so of course they will rust. However, it's not as cut and, well, dry as that. Much depends on the climate in which the container is located. Humid and dry climates can affect containers differently.

However, when it comes to surface rust, it's important to remember that this doesn't necessarily indicate that the container itself is worthless. Shipping containers are designed to be durable and rugged in all weather conditions. In fact, a container with rust or rust spots on its surface can survive a storm just as well as a new container without rust.

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Container Grades

At WEIZHENGHENG, we have a wide variety of containers available for sale. Regardless of appearance, all Container Stop containers protect their contents. In fact, all of our containers are wind and water resistant.

Our highest grade containers are like new - virtually no dents or dings. Even the paint on these containers shines like new. After these, we grade containers based on the degree of surface damage (dents, dings, rust spots) and the condition of the paint, floors and doors. Containers at the lower end of our grading scale may have extensive and large areas of surface rust - but as we mentioned, even these seasoned and aged containers are protected from the effects of bad weather.

Do Container Houses Rust Over Time?cid=13

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Don't worry about it! What it really means is that they will rust when they come into contact with water and air. This forms a weak carbonic acid that starts to corrode, rust or corrode the metal.

One more thing: storage containers are designed to be airtight and waterproof; after all, they are crossing the ocean. But once the containers reach dry land, the same protective airtightness and watertightness can actually lead to rusting. How? Poor ventilation can lead to condensation, which can cause steel containers to rust. That's why we recommend ventilated storage containers.

Do Container Houses Rust Over Time?cid=13

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Rust Prevention

So can container homes rust over time? Yes - they can, but only over a long period of time, and this can be mitigated by adding certain types of paint that prevent rust from building up.

In addition, most containers were originally made of special alloys that form a rust layer on the surface that helps prevent deeper corrosion (or the corrosion process itself). They are known by various names: weathering steel, weather resistant steel or weathering steel.

Last but not least, homeowners can prevent containers from rusting by being vigilant and maintaining them regularly so that problem areas can be repaired when they arise.

If you have any questions please let us know! We welcome your inquiries.

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