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Container Houses: Advantages And Disadvantages

Jun. 07, 2023

Container houses are exactly what they sound like; homes built from steel containers, the cargo you see everywhere on trains, trucks and ships. Recently, architects are finding new and creative ways to transform these containers into living spaces, from studios to guest rooms and even single-family homes.

Highly durable and able to be built without the hassles of a wood-frame home, container homes are an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Should I choose a Container house? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Container houses China exporter gives some pros and cons to you to consider.



Easy to transport

Predictable costs



Not always effective

Structural problems

Expandable Container House



Many container homes can be used as prefabricated modular homes, which reduces construction time. Some companies advertise delivery in 10 weeks! Most building code inspections are done at the factory, which makes things easier and faster. A modular container house is a good choice.

Easy to transport

A global system exists for moving containers. Once they arrive at your site, it is relatively simple to place them on a prepared base.

Predictable costs

Most work is done on the factory floor for a fixed price. Delivery to site, site preparation, foundations, assembly and utility connections are the only variable costs. Some see savings of 5-10%, depending on who you are comparing.


The environmental appeal of container homes is that you are reusing leftover products from the shipping industry to build homes. This can be a good thing, but it's not always the right or best thing to do.


Specification Of 20feet Folding Container House

Container homes are often touted as environmentally friendly because of the metal resources they supposedly save. But is container housing really the best use for containers from a sustainability standpoint? Many would disagree.


Not always effective for recycling

Most factory-built container homes are built from "disposable" containers that are used only once. Stopping the use of such boxes, which have a lot of transportation life, after only one use is not effective recycling. There is much more steel in a container than is needed to build a house.

Possible structural problems

The corners of a container are very strong, but the roof is not as strong, so you usually need to build another roof over it, especially in areas with snow. When they are stacked together to build larger houses, the two containers have to be reinforced by welding almost anywhere they are joined. Any subsequent renovation would require a lot of engineering and welding and would be very expensive.

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