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How to Maintain Container House?

Feb. 21, 2023

Container houses are becoming increasingly popular as a new housing trend. Although many people build container houses because they are trendy and cost-effective, they have a lot of trouble maintaining them. However, proper maintenance techniques can extend the life of a container house to twice the projected 25-year lifespan.


1. Consider a strong foundation

Container dwellings meet the standards of foundation as regular structures. The foundation can ensure that the container house is stable. It will also keep the house from sinking into the ground.


The nature of the ground is the most important component in determining the type of foundation that must be employed. If your soil is soft or has a clay layer, you may need to consider additional foundation support to ensure that your home does not sink after 10 or 20 years.

Luxury Container House

 Luxury Container House

2. Add exterior siding to your container house

Siding on a container house can turn it into a home, not just a box. Siding can give your container house a more attractive look, while also providing additional protection against elements that may reduce its lifespan.


As container houses are metal and need to be cut, you must consider how the siding will be finished. It is vital to do as little cutting as is feasible. Therefore, make use of high-quality sidings such as vinyl, fiber or composite siding.


Using mechanical fasteners to attach the boards, rather than creating any holes or cutouts on the exterior of the container, is another good option.

Shipping Container House

 Shipping Container House

3. A new roof for your container home

The sidewalls of steel containers are quite robust. The container's roof, on the other hand, is not particularly sturdy. It is consequently critical to replace the roof of your container house.


For a container home, the roof is crucial because it may extend the life of a container house by more than 90%. Shipping containers alone are extremely resilient to natural disasters. A decent roof, on the other hand, offers the required rain and sun protection for your home, as well as being the first line of defense against rust. A stronger roof can protect you from the weather and offer excellent insulation for your home.


However, ensure that your container home's roof is a distinct construction. Make it larger than the size of your house, with enough pitch for rainwater drainage. Furthermore, if you intend to place a solar panel on the top of your container home, make sure it is robust with the assistance of professionals.


4. Make Sure you properly seal any Modifications made

As previously said, the fewer cuts and openings in your container, the better. However, you may have a one-of-a-kind design that necessitates several cuts in your container. All you have to do now is make sure the improvements you made to your container house are properly sealed.


This is critical that you pay special attention to the window and door openings in your container house. This is because these apertures might influence the container home's interior and exterior. These are the major entry points for humidity. Make improvements to your container house using silicone or insulation to improve ventilation.


If correctly implemented, these ideas will substantially assist you in maintaining the longevity of your container home. You will feel more secure in your house and have greater faith in it.

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