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Benefits of an Expandable Container House

Feb. 07, 2023

In recent years, there has been a sweeping movement towards smaller, more affordable, and sustainable housing alternatives across Australia. One innovative home that is growing in popularity across the country is the expandable container home, a stunning modern housing solution that combines style and comfort with affordability and sustainability.WZHGROUP's range of expandable container homes offers great flexibility in terms of design, customizability, and capability to provide you with the smallest lifestyle that best suits your needs.

Expandable container homes, what are they?

In short, expandable container houses are fully customizable shipping container frames, so once they are placed in the location of your choice, they can be expanded into a comfortable small living layout. Thanks to the great flexibility in interior design, you can choose a more traditional house layout, or you can choose to design the interior exactly to suit your personal lifestyle. As the structure is a basic container, the infrastructure for transport and deployment is already in place and can be transported by rail, ship, and truck to almost anywhere in the world.

Australia Modern 20ft Container House Expandable Tiny Home

Australia Modern 20ft Container House Expandable Tiny Home

The characteristics of container buildings

The container combination tools used in building design are low carbon, low cost, short construction time, and mobile transportable. At the same time, they are subject to objective conditions such as space and material constraints. In the design of the container building, should be fully considered the advantages and disadvantages of the container combination tool, to give full play to its structural advantages.

1. Most of the components of the container building can be recycled for secondary use, greatly reducing the production of construction waste, with low-carbon environmental protection characteristics.

2. The container building unit is easy to transport and can be moved as a whole; the container combination building is easy to disassemble and install, especially suitable for building types with limited service life and places that need to be replaced.

Expandable Container House Living Mobile Easy Carry For Sales

Expandable Container House Living Mobile Easy Carry For Sales

3. Container building to the overall box-type steel structure as the basis, through the splicing, combination, can be derived from the rich combination of space. Such as container offices, container camps, container schools, and even large-span spaces.

4. This type of building is robust and durable. Its main structural unit is composed of high-strength steel. It is strong and durable with high resistance to earthquake, compression, and deformation.

5. It is well sealed and the rigorous manufacturing process gives the movable building a good water tightness.

6. The structure is lighter in weight than concrete and brick structures and consumes less energy for construction. At the same time, the structure is superior, stable, and firm, with excellent anti-vibration properties.

WZHGROUP mainly provides 6 major integrated housing solutions including PC modular houses, multi-story buildings, steel structure buildings, container houses, light steel villas, and expandable container homes. If you want to know more, please contact us:

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