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Is Steel Container Housing Worth It and How Do I Prepare for It

Apr. 09, 2022

Container homes are homes made of steel containers - large, reusable intermodal containers used to transport goods. You can use these containers as a stand-alone home or personal office, or you can combine multiple containers to create a multi-level home. Container homes, such as tiny houses, RVs or bathrooms, and conference rooms, are becoming increasingly popular as potential homeowners seek alternative building solutions to traditional multi-bedroom homes.

Is Steel Container Housing Worth It and How Do I Prepare for It

What are the advantages

Container homes are durable, cost effective and customizable.

They are more cost effective

You can purchase a container home for as little as $10,000. They are often more cost effective than traditional housing because they require less building materials and labor to build. You can use your own DIY skills to refurbish your home, thus reducing the cost of custom container homes.

They are quick to build

Some contractors can build a shipping container home in a month. However, hiring professionals to build your container dream home can be expensive. To avoid high construction costs altogether, you can buy prefabricated container homes from a growing number of companies that specialize in building prefabricated homes off-site.

Is Steel Container Housing Worth It and How Do I Prepare for It

Specification Of 20feet Folding Container House

They are modular homes

Container homes are easy to modify. You can build a house using a mix of 20-foot and 40-foot containers. You can also combine multiple containers to create a larger home that includes a living room, dining room, extra bedrooms, a second floor, or even a container guesthouse.

They're durable

Builders often use weather-resistant steel to create containers. This self-healing steel protects cargo during transportation across bodies of water. Container homes made of weather-resistant steel may withstand harsh weather conditions better than traditional homes.

They can be mobile. You can pick up and relocate off-grid single container homes anywhere in the world using a specialized shipping service.

Is Steel Container Housing Worth It and How Do I Prepare for It

Preparing for your container installation

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the purchase of your first shipping container home. You can visit WEIZHENGHENG website to find more info.

Be prepared for the cost

Many people start a container building project because they think it will be cheap. Shipping containers alone can cost thousands of dollars, and that doesn't include the labor costs of complex and custom builds. High-end container homes or large homes can cost as much as a traditional home. Keep your budget in mind before you start shopping for a container home design.

Contact the city planning office

While conventional homes have zoning rules and building codes, your local government may not have codes for container homes. Contact your city planning office and request information about regulations for non-traditional housing. Find out if there are any special things to consider when designing your own container home plans.

Design with natural light in mind

Steel containers do not have access to natural light. When designing your floor plan, consider installing glass doors or skylights to make your interior space look bright and open. If the space is too small, consider purchasing a taller cube container that is slightly taller than a traditional shipping container.

Be aware of restrictions

Shipping container structures are made of heavy-duty steel and are used to transport goods, so they do not have the accommodations needed for traditional living quarters. Doorways, window openings and snow on the roof can compromise the structural integrity of the container. Know the limitations of the structure before you buy.

Is Steel Container Housing Worth It and How Do I Prepare for It

Living Customized Prefabricated Expandable Container

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