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Sealing of Containers

Jul. 03, 2021

When summer comes, the rain increases, bringing more tests to the Container House. If the container activity room is not sealed well, the roof simply leaks, it will bring a lot of trouble to the people living in the container activity room, and will also affect the image of the container activity room.

Container House

Container House

Housing container is a new type of mobile home. All aspects of the function is much higher than other types of mobile homes. The sealing function of the house is also the same. From the analysis of the sealing function of the movable house, the sealant of the movable house is mainly used for sealing. The layout of the movable house and the function of the sealant determine the sealing function of the movable house. The arrangement of Mobile Container House surface adopts double maintenance, adding a steel plate on the roof, on the one hand, can protect the roof of container activity house from damage, on the other hand, can enhance the waterproof function of container activity house. The steel plate of the roof is processed into the style of high and low distance, and the steel plate is connected with the steel plate by convex points, which can minimize the chance of roof leakage. Together, the steel plate joints on the surface of the container activity house are changed to sealant to further strengthen the waterproof function of the roof.

Relatively speaking, the waterproof function of other movable houses is worse than that of box-type houses. The roof of other mobile homes is usually shingles, and the shingles also have high and low. Most of the current roof tiles are recessed and some are spliced, which greatly reduces the waterproof function and makes it easy for water leakage to occur. Although the roofs of these mobile homes are coated with sealant for waterproofing, the layout itself increases the chances of leaks. Once the sealant fails, the roof will easily leak.

Containerized mobile homes are well sealed and have fewer leaks. Other mobile home layouts are not ideal. The appearance of leaks is simple. Customers should pay attention to this when choosing a mobile home.

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