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Container Houses Needs to Refer to the 3 Major Requirements

Jul. 19, 2021

Container houses are widely used as temporary buildings in many engineering constructions. With the improvement of design and manufacturing level, its safety and comfort are gradually improved. The concept of container house is gradually recognized by the society and the utilization rate is greatly improved. At present, the largest domestic demand for Container Housing is for temporary construction in the construction industry and urban rail transit sites, for workers' dormitories, offices, canteens and warehouses, as well as container garages.

Container Houses

Container Houses

Container Housing Design Suppliers show that more and more people are optimistic about the development prospects of container housing, many high-quality box package board houses in various industries have played an indispensable and important role. Some customers will also customize different styles and specifications of the container house respectively, so custom container house need to refer to what technical standards?

1. Material requirements

Different materials of container housing will bring different comfort. Can be used according to the actual needs of customers custom box room, there are also guests will be used as a mobile RV container room. From a large number of custom statistics, most of the container houses use cotton color steel plate, can consider using galvanized square steel pipe around the ceiling and ground keel position.

2. Environmental protection requirements

Modern is an era of environmental protection and efficiency, this requirement is also practiced in social practice. In terms of research and development and production, it is also slowly leaning toward the production of environmentally friendly products. The environmental protection of container housing is multifaceted, on the one hand, the use of its own materials, on the other hand, the impact of the environment on the building. The former needless to say, the latter means that it will not cause any pollution to the environment when it is used, and will not produce pollution or harmful substances during the construction process. Traditional housing does not have such environmental protection.

3. Node process requirements

As a movable house, the door of the container room needs to withstand greater pressure and needs to use stronger materials to ensure that the door is not deformed; good sign; color steel plate can be used for interior and exterior decoration. In addition, the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and other places need to retain the exhaust fan and side drainage position to improve the suitability of living.

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