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Why Modular Container Homes Prevail Recently?

Nov. 22, 2021

Over the past few years, shipping container homes have become increasingly popular, and for good reason: they are strong, durable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly (compared to traditional materials), and can be designed modularly. 2006 saw the first two-story shipping container home designed by a California architect. Since then, shipping containers have been used to build temporary hotels, shopping centers and some amazing homes.

Flat Pack Container House Cabin Used For Cinema

Why should you consider building a house out of shipping containers?WEIZHENGHENG shares for you.



The average weight of a container is about 3500 kg. Used containers not only allow easy access to homes, but also reduce the need for bricks and cement. It reduces construction water consumption and concrete loss by about 60%, reduces construction waste and renovation waste by about 70%, saves about 50% of energy, and increases overall productivity by about 2-3 times.

Strength and Durability

This is a very sensible point. For their original transportation purpose, shipping containers are designed to carry heavy loads and stack. They can also withstand harsh conditions. A normal house may blow up after a hurricane or other natural disaster, but if the container containers are properly secured to the foundation pad, they can survive strong winds.


Low cost

Many used containers are far less than the number needed to actually set them up. Not only that, but you can save significantly on building larger, more expensive foundations. Even buying a brand new container is relatively inexpensive, considering the labor costs are much less.

The whole idea of container housing started as an affordable housing solution. Over the years, hundreds of affordable container homes have been built, some of which cost less than 60,000 RMB.



Containers are the Lego blocks of construction. Combining containers into larger structures simplifies design, planning and transportation. It also allows for a home that can grow with you.

Low cost interior design office solar power prefab flat pack container home house

Advantages of modular technology

1. Fast construction, which can shorten the construction period by 50-70% compared to the construction of a large panel house.

2. High degree of assembly, most of the construction work, including installation of water, heating, electricity, sanitation and other facilities and house decoration are moved to the factory to be completed.

3. Pollution to the environment is minimized.

4. Convenient for later expansion, and easy to customize and personalize.


WEIZHENGHENG is a professional container house provider, if you think it is very good to have a container house, please contact us to get a quotation and our experts will give you advice and customized service.

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