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The Trend of Development of Container Housing

Nov. 08, 2021

The development and application of modern science and technology have brought unprecedented impact on social life, and people's demand for housing is becoming more and more personalized and complex. Container housing, as a form of architectural diversification, can quickly respond to the individual needs of the market in terms of structure and function through modular construction.

The new ecological values have been integrated into the architectural trend, guiding the building from the traditional high consumption type to the efficient green change, container housing "factory manufacturing + site installation" modular construction mode in line with today's green building development trend. WEIZHENGHENG shows you the future trend of container houses.

Technology development

The expansion of container housing product applications, prompting more and more enterprises to the container housing design technology, production process and new building materials application research and practice, with these new technologies, new processes, new applications continue to emerge, the development of container housing will also usher in a broader world.

At present, the domestic and foreign container housing manufacturing enterprises in the technology is basically in the same starting line, only master the container housing modular design technology and the successful application of green, energy-saving, environmental protection and other new building materials, the enterprise can be in the market competition in the leading position, so that the container housing products become a source of future profits and support point.

Luxury Mobile home modified living house container

Luxury Mobile home modified living house container

Building regulations requirements

Container housing as a form of construction, is bound to meet the requirements of relevant building regulations and standards. Although there are similarities between national building codes and standards, but there are also many differences, energy saving, health, safety and other aspects of the difference is particularly obvious.

Chinese container housing manufacturing enterprises, most of the designers from the container industry, the national building codes and standards of research is not thorough enough, foreign building codes and standards is very little knowledge. In the guidance of the container housing product design and construction, very easy to produce building regulations and standards compliance deviation.

Demand structure adjustment

Post-financial crisis era to the United States as the representative of the developed countries will certainly seek to rebalance the global economy, so that its low savings from the past, high debt, excessive reliance on consumption-driven economic growth model to exports and manufacturing to promote economic growth model change, which will cause a major adjustment in the global demand structure, to export-oriented developing countries bring serious challenges.

Especially the epidemic so far in 2020, so that the economy has a certain magnitude of recession, the global demand for container housing has also changed, manufacturers need to be more ready.

New Design Shipping Container Showroom

New Design Shipping Container Showroom 

Personalized demand

The diversification of customer demand for container housing, unique although to the container housing manufacturing enterprises to bring unlimited business opportunities, but also increased the difficulty of enterprise production organization, how to effectively solve the contradiction between customer personalized demand and industrialized production has become a problem in front of the industry.

Modular design technology can be customized and mass production of products organically combined with the cost and speed of mass production, rapid response to small batch, multi-species market demand. Therefore, companies need to be skilled in modular design technology.

WZH GROUP offers flat-pack container houses in various configurations. It can meet the needs of home, restaurant, office, hotel, mobile toilet, etc. It is easy and quick to assemble and adapt to many climates. We can work with you to customize them specifically for you, making your inspiration a visual work of art.

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