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Advantages Of Integrated Housing

Nov. 16, 2019

The integrated house is composed of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roofing system. Each system is composed of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured in the factory and the house site is assembled by unit modules. The integrated house is removable, removable and does not damage the land. Realizing the transformation of the “immovable property” attribute of the house to the “movable property” for thousands of years, the complete separation of “real estate” real estate and “real estate” for thousands of years has been realized. So what are the advantages of using this integrated house? The following Modified Container House suppliers will come to tell you.

Modified Container House

Modified Container House

The integrated house is characterized by a professional design, which forms an Expandable House through standardization, modularization and general production. It is easy to be demolished, easy to install, convenient to transport, and warehousing. It can be reused repeatedly, temporarily or permanently. Nature of the house. Integrated houses are widely used in temporary offices and dormitories for construction sites; coffee houses, construction sites for field operations; temporary housing for urban office, civil resettlement, exhibitions; leisure villas and holiday homes in tourist areas; earthquake relief and military fields room.

After nearly 50 years of development, the scale of development in the European, American and Japanese markets and the concentration of the industry have reached a high level. Japan has formed a monolithic and folding house represented by Yamato Housing Group and Donghae Housing, and a box-type mobile home represented by American General Equipment Company GE, France ALGECO, Germany ALHO, and Japan Changhe. China also gradually applied it in the 1970s. In the late 1990s, some companies saw that the application of integrated houses in the future would gradually expand and may have a revolutionary impact, starting from simple movable board room manufacturing to production permanent residence. The overall residential transformation. In mainland China, there have been more integrated and large-scale housing manufacturing companies with high technology, such as low price, energy saving and environmental protection. They have been exported to all over the world. There are also several leading enterprises in the field of integrated housing research and development, production and construction in China. However, most small enterprises lack professionalism, and the new low-cost route is obvious. At the same time, because China has not yet perfected relevant regulations in this respect, the situation of each self-contained system will inevitably affect the promotion and application.

Compared with traditional brick-concrete houses, the integrated building of the new building materials system has the advantage of being irreplaceable: the wall thickness of a typical brick-concrete structure house is 240mm, and the mobile house is smaller than the same area. 240mm. The indoor usable area of the integrated house is much larger than that of the traditional brick-concrete structure.

The integrated house is a Temporary Housing with light weight, low wetland operation and short construction period. The thermal performance of the house is good, and the wall panel of the integrated house is a foamed color steel sandwich panel with heat insulation. Then, most of the building materials used in integrated houses can be recycled and degraded, low in cost, and green and environmentally friendly. In particular, brick-concrete structures are not environmentally friendly, and a large amount of clay is used, which destroys the ecology and reduces the cultivated land. Therefore, the breakthrough and application of integrated houses in science and technology will be long-term, which will change the traditional architectural mode and make human living costs It gets smaller and the living environment gets better. It can play a major role in environmental protection.

The above is the advantage of integrated housing, I hope to help everyone.

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