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Container House-Weizhengheng Group Help to Build Your Dream Home.

Jul. 11, 2022

More and more people are attracted by the charm of container housing, many people choose container-style housing because of cost considerations, they get functional satisfaction and find great happiness in container housing. (WZH stands by your side.)

Who was the first person to build a container house?

A container, the earliest concept, is a large metal box that flows between different modes of transport.

Traditional container

The advent of the container made it possible to standardize the loading and unloading of goods. Decades later, for the first time in official records, a man named Philip Clark associated a container with a house, for which a patent was applied for and granted. In fact, as early as the 1980s, there was a paper on the concept of converting old shipping containers into houses came out of nowhere, and there were also several buildings made of containers in the scenes of film and television productions such as "Space Rage". However, it wasn't until 1994 that container housing really gained traction. Stuart Brand published "How Buildings Learn", the first publication to mention the conversion of shipping containers into buildings. The Simonstown High School dormitory, completed in 1998, was the first building made entirely of shipping containers and was able to comfortably accommodate 120 people.

Container House-Weizhengheng Group to Build Your Dream Home

Why is the container house a trend?


▶Movable and easy to transport

Container house can do to change the place can not change the house. When you need to change the place, you can find a moving company (or big truck, big trailer) to move the container directly to the designated place can live, save the trouble of finding a house, buying a house, decoration.


▶Customizable assembly

Container house can be based on their own needs, choose a room, two rooms, three rooms, three rooms, two rooms and so on specifications. Only need to buy enough containers for assembly, greatly reducing the construction time. Many sites to workers temporary housing is the container house, you can choose the container house assembly type according to the number of workers on each site.


▶Low cost, predictable

Most of the work of the container house is done in the factory workshop at a fixed price. Can affect the variable cost of the link is very little. And the structural components of these containers are often inexpensive, and compared with the current prices of many places, the price is very cheap.



Certain container housing using the shipping industry surplus products to build, which greatly improves the utilization of the container, saving metal resources.

Container House-Weizhengheng Group to Build Your Dream Home

3 tips for using container house.

▶Pay attention to drainage and water supply.

You can excavate drains around the house or cover the "man" type canopy, to avoid moisture in the body and the house.


▶Pay attention to heat insulation.

After fixing the assembly room, you can add sound insulation and heat insulation cotton and install air conditioning and other facilities.


▶Pay attention to lightning protection.

If your living place is on high ground, or there are often thunderstorms, please don't forget to do related lightning protection measures by adding a welded insulator fence.

What we can create for you!

▶Wind Defend Modular 20 and 40 feet expandable container home prefab house?

Modified New Shipping Container House Garden Shed Container Homes?

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 Container House-Weizhengheng Group to Build Your Dream Home

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