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Will Container Houses Rust?

Dec. 28, 2019

Containers are modular tools for architectural design. They have the characteristics of low carbon, low cost, short construction time, and disassembly and transportation. At the same time, they are limited by objective conditions such as space and materials. Full consideration should be given to container construction The advantages and disadvantages of container module tools make the most of their structural advantages.

Container buildings can generally be divided into three forms: buildings with modified container boxes; buildings with combined container boxes; buildings with container boxes (and their components) and other structures that together play a structural role.

With the continuous popularization of residential containers, some problems related to residential containers have begun to emerge. Among them, the rust problem of the residential container is a very headache. So what measures should be taken to prevent rusting of residential containers? The Expandable House Supplier has some plans for this.

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Sealed perimeter walls: As steel materials are prone to rust in long-term exposure to humid outdoor environments, residential containers made of light steel structures are also prone to this problem during use. If you want to prevent the Expandable Container House from being rusted by harmful substances, you can take measures to seal the external walls to prevent the humid outdoor air from entering the room.

With the help of moisture-proof products: Many social groups are more willing to choose residential containers when going to other places, and frequent and dense passenger flows will also cause the moisture accumulation within the residential containers. At this time, the user can use some moisture-proof products, such as sticking some moisture-proof insulation cotton inside the occupant container to isolate the intrusion of humid air.

Regularly maintain the wall: Rust can be said to be a key factor affecting the life of the resident container. Users can follow the above two methods and can not completely avoid rust of the resident container. If the container's wall or main frame is found to be rusty, the user should remove it and paint and maintain it in a timely manner.

The above is the introduction of the Modified Container House supplier's method to avoid rusting of the residential container. Moreover, once the resident container is rusted, it will easily affect its service life. Therefore, it is still very important to prevent the rust of residential containers.

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