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What Needs to Be Done for the Safety of Container Houses?

Mar. 27, 2020

Now the container houses produced by manufacturers can meet the living needs of most people who work outside, and they are very cost-effective. Whether it is purchased or rented, it is much cheaper than ordinary commercial houses, so it has also become a cheap alternative to rental houses. Loved by the majority of consumers, it also stands out among many houses by virtue of many advantages such as cheap and environmental protection, and the emergence of container housing has been widely used in many industries, so it is also loved by consumers. Many customers are more worried about the security of container houses when buying. Next, Expandable House Supplier will introduce in detail what aspects of container house security need to do well.

Generally speaking, before construction of a container house, there will be a construction unit to prepare a feasible construction plan. After the plan is approved, it will be signed by the person in charge and reported to the supervision unit, and then the chief engineer of the project will review and sign. In addition, the materials and tools used to make container houses need to be inspected by the security department. Generally, metal sandwich panels with fire resistance are compulsorily required, because the core material has a fire rating of A, because it is used for living or for setting up temporary container houses such as generator rooms must have good combustion performance.

Modified Container House

Modified Container House

After the installation of the container house is completed, it shall be inspected and accepted by the construction unit and the quality supervision department according to the national production safety standards. If the inspection fails, rectification will be required. After the rectification is completed, the inspection will be performed. In the process, it is necessary to operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification, and also to wear the appropriate labor protection equipment, in which the safety quality of the steel components of the container house must meet the relevant requirements of national safety production.

At present, the production personnel of manufacturers generally consider the quality issues when manufacturing container houses. They can withstand even the harsh weather environment. Therefore, the residents can feel the warmth of the home during snowstorms and rainy weather. According to different styles and structures, container houses can be divided into container houses transformed from containers, new welded box-type mobile houses, and Demountable Container Houses. Different types of houses are used to select different house types.

If the container house is mainly used on construction sites, then most of it is used as temporary accommodation for workers, then its overall structure is not much different from the internal structure of commercial houses, and different functional areas will be set up to satisfy workers Many customers will say that there is a phenomenon that the movable board room is blown away by wind in the news report. In fact, it is not necessary to worry about this. The overall quality of the Modified Container House is about two tons, although the space is not very high. Large but very sincere, and the internal safety performance is very good. It will be equipped with alarms and fire hydrants. Once there is a bad weather environment or man-made damage, people living inside will know and take corresponding measures in time.

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