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Features and advantages of Folding Container House

Oct. 10, 2023

The biggest advantage of the Container House that can be loved by the vast number of field operations or construction units is its overall mobility. Before it had it, many units working in the field used tents for outdoor accommodation or office. The environment is not insulated from moisture, and sound insulation is not even mentioned. The working environment in the field itself is difficult. No matter how bad the living or office environment is, the work enthusiasm and efficiency of field construction workers will be greatly reduced.

Since the introduction of container mobile houses, the comfort of outdoor accommodation and office work has been greatly improved, and the work efficiency of workers has also improved. The biggest advantage of the container mobile house is that it can be moved as a whole, the comfort of the container house is very high, and the material choice for interior decoration is also very large. So the feeling of living inside is the same as the living experience of concrete buildings, very comfortable and spacious.

Container House

Container House

The only shortcoming is that container mobile houses are not suitable for long-distance transportation, because container houses are large in size and transportation costs will be relatively high. At this time, the Folding Container House came into being.

Features and advantages of folding room:

1. Waterproof:

The roof adopts structural waterproof design without any additional waterproofing treatment.

2. Thermal insulation:

The walls and roofing materials of the house are made of Caigong steel foam board, the thickness of the wall board is 33mm, and the thickness of the roof board is 50mm.

3. Convenient transportation, simple and fast installation:

The height after folding is 324mm, a standard 20HC container can transport 8 foldable huts, and a skilled operator can complete the unfolding and fixing of a foldable hut in 15 minutes shop.

4. Service life:

Long service life, up to 20 years

5. The environment-friendly house has reasonable design, easy disassembly and assembly:

It can be disassembled and assembled many times, the rate of disassembly and assembly is low, and no construction waste is generated (internal door and space internal size 5,720x2,177x2,153mm; 4 bunk beds can be placed inside to fold Bed, which can satisfy 8 people to rest. Customers can choose empty 5 adjustable, bookshelf, etc.

6. Wide range of uses:

it can be widely used in office conference rooms, headquarters, dormitories, warehouses, store roofs and various temporary or fixed buildings in the fields of construction, railways, highways, water conservancy, petroleum, commerce, tourism and military building.

This kind of Flexible Container House should become more and more common in the future. If you want to buy it, please contact our Container House Supplier.

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