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How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

May. 23, 2022

Did you know that you can connect expandable containers to create a large and versatile space? Any organization that needs more space than a single container can provide but is still interested in the benefits of durable, modular and reusable units will benefit from a combination container. Many companies choose to purchase retrofitted containers because they are smaller and more compact, but others are turning to shipping containers as an alternative to building a building from the ground up. The ability to stack and combine shipping containers into larger spaces helps organizations utilize containers without sacrificing the advantages of modular construction.

How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

How to combine containers

To combine two or more containers, first, an experienced container conversion manufacturer cuts openings in the sides of the container and reinforces the openings with steel tubing. Once the cutting and framing is complete, the containers are pushed together and combined into a larger room. This is called a clear span.

Once the containers are in place, the installer secures the units together. This is accomplished by welding or caulking the joints after the structure is placed. The set-up crew installed a threshold inside the structure, which is a long silver plate placed on top of the floor joints. A ridge cover was placed on the roof to seal the container together and prevent rainwater infiltration.

Larger clear spans may require additional reinforcing columns to ensure a safe and secure structure. Of course, if a company needs to relocate a container structure later, they can separate the containers and transport them separately - usually on two separate trucks - which makes transportation easy.

How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

Modular 20 and 40 feet expandable container home prefab house

Benefits of adding containers

Combining shipping containers helps many companies create the ideal structure they want. The modularity of the modified containers allows each individual box to receive modifications prior to shipping. Also, the container is prepared on site while being modified off-site - speeding up the overall time to completion. The containers can then be unloaded and placed together as needed upon arrival.

Placing multiple containers together to create more space helps transform the structure into a more comfortable facility. The added space provides ample room for bathrooms, kitchens, private offices and common areas, all in one building.

How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

Example of combined containers

Entrance registration facility

The entrance to the outdoor event site required a secure and portable check-in facility, especially in the case of the covid-19. By combining two 40-foot containers, the registration facility can accommodate large groups and staff.

Now that many people can comfortably enter the structure, one also has the opportunity to separate the two containers and transport them across the range, allowing for a change of enclosed entry points.

Work area offices

After working with several mining companies, we found that the ideal configuration for a batch plant office included a spacious staff lounge. Combining a 20-foot container with a clear span on the ground floor created this two-story structure. Afterwards, employees have a comfortable, air-conditioned space to take their lunch break. The container allowed us to expand the facility on our own schedule, while prioritizing employee comfort.

How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

Custom prefab shipping container house /office /homes

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