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Low-carbon Buildings in the Post-industrial Era

Feb. 14, 2020

The container was originally a simple means of transportation, but it was found that it was also suitable for human settlement. The container house seemed to have both global and local, temporary and permanent, limited and unlimited qualities. Recycling of used and used containers makes full use of the original high-carbon steel sheet materials, which reduces a large number of repeated pollutions caused by remelting steelmaking and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. In terms of cost, container houses still have their own advantages, even when compared to mobile board houses. Below, Shipping Container House Supplier will introduce the advantages of container house to you.

Container is also called container. With the rapid development of world economic integration, it is widely used as a modern logistics carrier in global maritime, land and air transportation. The annual global container throughput of the international shipping industry is astronomical, so TEU is its international unit of measurement, not the commonly used unit of measurement "ton". TEU is the abbreviation of Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit in English. It is based on a 20-foot container as an international unit of measurement, also known as an international standard unit. It is usually used to indicate the capacity of a ship to load containers, and is also an important statistical and conversion unit for container and port throughput.

The container was originally a simple means of transportation, but people found that it can also be used for living. The housing mode of the container house seems to have both global and local, temporary and permanent, limited and unlimited qualities. The tension of the container has Make it an ever-changing queen in architecture. The first person living in a container is no longer available, but when it comes to container housing, I am afraid many people will naturally associate with the hippies of the 1960s in the United States, the hippie movement and the classic works of the broken generation "On the Road "There is always the shadow of the" box trailer ". The hippies used a commune-style wandering lifestyle to express their opposition to nationalism and the Vietnam War, advocated non-traditional religious culture, and criticized the values of the western middle class. The box trailer is the best carrier of this lifestyle.

Modified Container House

Modified Container House

The container house and the trailer house are so similar. Both can be regarded as Modified Container House. The comparison of various methods for building use can be studied as a special subject. For example, apart from the unimaginative attempts to dress up the trailer house as a residence, the trailer house really doesn't provide much creative space. Containers are completely different. Their nature as a Modular Container House when they are used for construction provides extremely free and creative imagination. Containers are between product design, architectural design, and artistic creation. In this sense, they mark the highest achievement in one field and at the same time are the most basic elements of another field. In terms of product design, they have a critical impact on the development of the freight industry and all aspects related to transportation technology. In terms of architectural design, the magical charm of containers is reflected in many aspects, especially the independent and complete characteristics as a basic component. They are both the product of highly precise and complex coordination techniques, and the source of complete flexibility and free imagination.

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