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How About Scientific Maintenance Equipment For Container Houses?

Jan. 17, 2020

Today, the High Quality Expandable House Factory will tell you how to scientifically maintain the container house.

First, rain and sun protection

Container houses Although the equipment and special containers have anti-corrosion functions, and the corresponding anti-corrosion material packages are also made on the outside, if the container houses are exposed to rain or rain for a long time, the surface will be corroded, especially the air In poor areas or acid rain areas, if you don't pay attention to rain and sun protection, even advanced equipment container houses will be quickly damaged.

Second, use professional repair reagent to prevent corrosion after scraping

After the Expandable Container House is scratched, it needs to be repaired with professional repair reagents in a timely manner, because the exterior of the container house has a professional anti-corrosion protection layer. If it is scratched, it will be quickly exposed to external or atmospheric pollutants. Corrosion caused the paint on the surface of the container house to fall off in a large area, which later corroded to the entire box.

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Third, the interior is cleaned in time

After a single use of Demountable Container House, the interior of the Demountable Container House needs to be cleaned centrally. The wall and bottom of the container house are mainly cleaned and wiped. The container house is to see if there is any residue of garbage or corrosive substances. It is necessary to use special reagents to neutralize the reaction as soon as possible to prevent the box from being eroded. Advanced equipment and special containers should be equipped with professional cleaning personnel.

Fourth, the daily use should not be stacked for too long

In many cases, such as at the dock, the equipment container house will be suspended and stored to save space in related places. However, it should be noted that the time for the equipment container house should not be too long, because its top and bottom endurance Different, the bearing strength of the top is small, if it is stacked for a long time, it may deform the top.

The above is the method of equipment and decoration maintenance. In addition, during transportation, the exterior of the container house can be wrapped with a special anti-corrosion protective film to deal with corrosive substances during transportation. When there are damages or cracks, timely repair and cleaning are needed, and the area of container houses to prevent damage is further expanded.

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