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Ten Characteristics Of Container Houses

Jan. 10, 2020

Today, Expandable House Supplier introduces the characteristics of container houses.

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Common container houses are: Expandable Container House, detachable container house, modified container house, etc. They have the following characteristics:

1. Substitute traditional building materials To realize the industrialization of the housing industry and improve the human living environment. Ultra-light and rigid dwellings, not only can replace traditional residential models, but also completely use industrial production of building materials, steel instead of wood, steel instead of bricks, and steel instead of concrete, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving houses.

2. Ideal thermal insulation performance The ultra-light steel structure house adopts a fully enclosed thermal insulation and moisture-proof system, which has small temperature changes and low heat loss. Regardless of winter and summer, it has a comfortable living environment. When the outdoor temperature is 0°C, the indoor temperature can still be more than 17°C. When the outdoor temperature reaches 30°C, the indoor temperature is only about 21°C.

3. Significant energy-saving effect Ultra-light and rigid-structure houses have low heat conduction, good thermal insulation performance, and outstanding energy-saving effects. Compared with brick-concrete structure houses, it can save more than 70% of energy, and air-conditioning equipment in winter and summer can save more than 30% of power consumption. It is currently a residential product with significant energy-saving effects.

4, has excellent sound insulation performance. The actual measurement results show that in the case of 80 decibels outdoors, indoors is only 40 decibels. (80 dB is noisy and 40 dB is quiet office environment).

5. Durability The main structure uses 1.2mm thick steel plate for car shell. Zinc and aluminum plating on both sides, good anti-rust performance, high strength and excellent durability. The experimental results confirm that the durability of the main body of the ultra-light steel structure can reach more than 100 years.

6, outstanding seismic performance Ultra-light lightweight steel structure building, good overall rigidity, high strength, light weight, strong deformation ability. The weight of the building is only one-tenth of that of the brick-concrete structure, and its seismic performance is more than four times that of the brick-concrete structure.

7, thin wall, large space, free to change Ultra-light steel structure building adopts box structure bearing system, free plan and space design, large space, no beams and columns, neat and generous interior, flat layout as you want, you can increase the number of rooms at will, change Room size and function. The thickness of the outer wall is 17 cm, and the thickness of the inner wall is 120 cm (the thickness of the northern wall is increased by 10-12 cm, including the thickness of the interior and exterior decoration). User investment costs.

8. The construction speed is fast, the cycle is short, and the efficiency is high.

9, all can achieve factory production Light steel structure housing to achieve full factory production of residential, combined installation at the construction site, which reduces the construction intensity on the site, and improve construction efficiency and engineering quality. During construction, the residential environment can be built first, and then the house can be built, and the house can be designed and manufactured completely according to the needs of the buyer. Among them, the interior decoration can also be completed at one time through the overall design.

10. The waste utilization rate of the structure is 100%, which is an environmentally friendly building material. From the perspective of comprehensive construction cost, this ultra-light steel structure house not only has a good performance-price ratio, but also has superior advantages that cannot be compared with a frame structure.

The above are the characteristics of container houses introduced by Modular Container House supplier.

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