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What Should You Pay Attention to when Designing a Container Villa?

Feb. 07, 2020

When designing the structure of a container villa, there are many requirements that need attention, after all, it is different from ordinary villas.


The container is a modular tool for architectural design, which has the characteristics of low carbon, low cost, short construction time, disassembly and transportation, and at the same time it is limited by objective conditions such as space and materials. It should be fully considered when designing container architecture. The advantages and disadvantages of container module tools make the most of their structural advantages.


 1. First, Demountable Container House is convenient for transportation and can be migrated as a whole, and the container assembly building is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is especially suitable for the types of buildings that need to be replaced in a limited period of time;


2. Secondly, this type of building is sturdy and durable. The main structural unit is composed of high-strength steel, which is sturdy and durable with strong resistance to earthquakes, compression and deformation.


3. Good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process make this mobile building have good water tightness;


4. The container construction is based on the integrated box-type steel structure, and rich combination space can be derived by means of splicing and combination. Such as office space, residential space, and even large-span space;


5. The structure weight is lighter than that of concrete and brick-concrete structures, which requires less energy consumption for construction, and has superior performance, stability and firmness, and excellent shock resistance.


6. Most components of the container building can be recycled and reused, which greatly reduces the generation of construction waste and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

In addition, attention should be paid to improving the robustness of the container house. So what are the ways to improve the robustness of the container house? The following Container House Design Supplier will tell you.


Method one: choose an address with appropriate hardness as the foundation

The actual difference between the container house and the traditional reinforced concrete structure hotel is that the hardness of the foundation and the terrain it has will directly affect its firmness. Therefore, the social group that chooses to invest in the container house must pay attention to the quality of the foundation during the actual construction process. It is best to verify the hardness of the foundation by hardness testing if conditions permit.


Method two: control errors during construction

It is well known that the solidness of objects on a horizontal base surface is generally higher than that on an inclined base surface. This law is also applicable to the construction of a container house. Therefore, when constructing a container house, it is necessary to control the construction quality, and strive to control the errors that occur during the construction to a range that does not affect its firmness.


Method three: carry out construction operations in strict accordance with established procedures

The construction of a container house is actually a complicated and huge project. Once an abnormal situation occurs in a certain construction process, it will affect the overall quality and firmness of the project. Therefore, during the actual construction of the container house, the construction process must be strictly implemented, and the construction operations must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the construction procedures at each stage.


The above are the issues that need to pay attention to when designing container villas introduced by Expandable Container House supplier.

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