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Outstanding Advantages Of Container Houses

Dec. 06, 2019

The house feels solid, reliable and safe, and the most important thing is calmness. Now there is a novel housing model, which is a container house known for its mobility and flexibility. In addition to being as secure and secure as ordinary housing, container houses have the flexibility to move at will as a whole. So what are the advantages of container houses? The following Expandable Container House suppliers will introduce you.

The main concept of low-carbon environmental protection construction and the lifestyle of container houses have quietly entered our lives. Compared with the traditional construction method, the container factory can reduce construction water consumption and concrete consumption by about 60%, reduce construction waste and decoration waste by about 70%, and save energy by half. The overall production efficiency is improved due to the 'factory manufacturing + field installation' mode. About two to three times. The container house lifestyle has brought a new way of thinking to the planet with increasingly scarce resources and people who have a stronger awareness of low-carbon environmental protection.

The container house is characterized by a modular integrated system, that is, Modular Container House, with short construction cycle, high efficiency, and small impact on the environment. The requirements for supporting facilities are low during use, and it can be built on various geological conditions. It is convenient to configure the power and water circulation system, and can quickly become an independent living and working system. The advantages of modularized integration efficiency and humanized design concept of container houses are more in line with the needs of urban construction and development.

Modular Container House

Modular Container House

The flexibility of container houses has also evolved over a long period of time. Traditional mobile homes are not very mobile, so they must always be dismantled and installed in a new place. When disassembling and transporting, large and small problems are easy to occur, and these small problems often affect the overall installation of the mobile house in the end. Such mobile homes bring us some convenience, and also bring us many problems, so after a period of improvement, container houses are slowly replacing traditional mobile homes. The container house is much more advanced than the previous mobile house. It uses a box as a unit and uses sandwich color steel plates. The quality and fire resistance are greatly improved. The container house is also greatly enhanced in mobility. It can The whole movement, no disassembly and reassembly is needed, and no material is lost. There are many short-term projects on the construction site. It is not cost-effective to rent a house or a hotel. The container house solves this problem very well. The container house can be reused. Now the mobility has been strengthened. The location can be changed at any time. The price is also more cost-effective. Now more and more people are choosing to use container houses.

Container houses are getting more and more attention from everyone, and more and more consumers have given them praise. Moreover, container houses are completely environmentally friendly and do not generate any construction waste. In today's society that advocates environmental protection, the advantages of container houses will undoubtedly be Is a major advantage of its development.

Compared with the traditional construction method, the Demountable Container House represented by the container house has the following advantages: first, the factory production and the site foundation can be carried out in parallel, and the construction cycle is significantly accelerated; second, the house is sturdy and durable, high security, and comfortable living The degree is not inferior to or even surpassing traditional buildings; Third, it is convenient to move, can be recycled, and is conducive to maintaining the original appearance of the land; Fourth, there is less on-site construction, water and electricity consumption, concrete loss, and construction waste are reduced by more than 70%, which is consistent low carbon theme.

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