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American Container Caravan

Dec. 17, 2020

Speaking of RV and RV life, many people are envious, and many people feel helpless. How can we realize the dream of an RV? The appearance of Ji Ke will definitely make you feel extremely amazing. It can not only make your dream of life on wheels come true, but also experience the elegant quality of life and the freedom and comfort of home.

Especially in recent years, taking Container RVs and unique travel forms as an opportunity, a series of novel vocabulary and new products such as guest collection, guest collection concept, guest collection·microtopia, collection guest N-th power, guest room car and garage home furnishing, etc., respect Naturally, it also pursues fashion, combines cutting-edge design and local culture, resolves conflicts without escaping from problems, and looks up at the starry sky. It is also down-to-earth. It combines the strengths of each family but does not stand alone. It is or has made more elegant, comfortable and personalized Life becomes reality.

It turns out that everyone in the room has a dream full of longing for RVs hidden deep in their hearts. The design of containers as RVs suddenly heats up, and industrial Smart Container House are designed and modified. The internal facilities fully meet the requirements of luxury RVs. It can provide people with enough comfortable and practical living space and living conditions.

Container RVs

Container RVs

In recent years, although some people have transformed and reused abandoned containers, both the exterior and interior furnishings are very simple. As a construction material, containers are not new. They are more comfortable and environmentally friendly than ordinary concrete buildings. However, as a public welfare and environmental protection project, using design to change travel methods and concepts is still in the trial stage.

The so-called “passenger concept” is the biggest difference from the usual RV is that there is no door. The entrance and exit design are round holes. The entry and exit of the RV requires “climbing windows”. The box without a door breaks the definition of indoor and outdoor, and the overall design integrates outdoor Original concepts such as landscape, interior decoration and light projection have realized the seamless connection between space and environment. The designers called it: Using the most'two' and'no way' way to make a shocking and touching move.

This kind of RV can be freely moved and used like a RV, and it can be designed with a personality like a house. The basic facilities necessary for the home are all available. It is no different from a real RV, and there are some luxury RVs that cannot be set in. Unique features.

Many Modular Container House travel experiencers claim to have traveled to many places and experienced various modes of travel such as rides, hikes, bicycles, paragliders, etc., but never thought of dragging a container to complete a journey, just like the name no way , There are only things you can't think of, nothing you can't do.

China is the country that produces and uses the largest number of containers, accounting for more than 95% of the global manufacturing containers. There are about 1 million large and small containers discarded every year in China. It is imperative to find more new outlets for containers. Innovative application of second-hand containers Far from stopping here. Especially in the past two years, the post-80s inbound tourists have led the new trend of environmental protection in RV tourism, which has been actively participated by design workers and students from various universities.

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