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How Much Do You Know About Container RVs?

Feb. 20, 2023

The impression given to us by the Container House is a large container with a certain strength, rigidity and specification for turnover. According to the manufacturing materials, there are steel containers, aluminum alloy containers, glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, stainless steel containers, wooden containers, etc. According to the type of goods loaded, there are dry cargo containers, bulk cargo containers, liquid cargo containers, refrigerated containers, and some special special containers.

Now, with the improvement of people’s lives and the development of tourism, RVs transformed from containers have appeared in our field of vision one after another. It also advocates an environmental protection concept, which is not only a new way of travel, but also a special one. Experience. R4 house Container Caravan, this kind of caravan is transformed from a container. The internal space is designed according to your own needs. Due to its relatively large volume, it is generally towed by a heavy truck.

Container Caravan

Container Caravan

Generally speaking, the size of a container is 12 meters in length and 3 meters in width. After decoration and insulation, the internal area of an R4 room can reach more than 20 square meters. In most R4 rooms, there are ceilings, floors, and furniture. In order to meet the basic needs of ventilation, two windows will be opened on both sides of the container, which are equipped with doors and windows, which are transparent in the north and south, and light on both sides. In order to ensure safety and comfort, the windows of most R4 rooms will be equipped with anti-theft nets and rain bars, and their doors are solid and sealed anti-theft doors.

Taking into account the development needs of domestic container RVs and camping bases, they are safe and comfortable, equipped with the functions of a normal residence such as kitchen and bathroom. These R4 RVs make full use of green materials and energy. The daylighting system in the house uses solar energy to supply power. Various facilities use food grade rubber, which is colorless, odorless and non-radiative. The whole body adopts lightweight, environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials and facilities.

The domestic container manufacturing industry started in the 1970s. With the rapid development of international Container Transportation and the substantial increase in the proportion of cargo containers, many goods that were transported by ordinary refrigerated ships in the past are now also converted to refrigerated containers or tank containers. , Highways and railways are also developing towards containerization. In the structure of container products, in addition to the traditional standard dry cargo containers, the proportion of special containers such as refrigerated containers, tank containers, and regional containers has increased sharply.

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