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Application of Container House in Construction Site

Mar. 22, 2021

Generally speaking, the construction period of construction sites is relatively long. In order to facilitate the work and life of workers, it is a top priority to solve the problem of workers' accommodation nearby. Among them, the use of container mobile houses as temporary housing for workers has become the first choice for many construction sites, mainly because the use of residential Container Houses on the construction site can be said to have many benefits, specifically in the following aspects:

Container Houses

Container Houses

1. Reduce construction costs

Compared with the construction of traditional housing, the use of container houses as temporary housing for workers has lower construction costs. Generally speaking, the number of workers on the construction site is generally large. If you want to arrange the residential area, a lot of space is required. The residential container house not only has a large capacity but also has a low investment cost, especially the second-hand container house is more affordable and quality Also reliable.

2. Convenient life and avoid missed work

If the construction site does not build temporary housing on its own, but instead rents a house to solve the problem of workers’ accommodation, not only a large amount of rent will be required, but there must be a certain distance between the rental site and the construction site, which will not only bring inconvenience to life, but may also cause missed work. However, the use of container mobile houses as workers’ dormitories can not only save a lot of the cost of renting another house, but also can be built around the construction site to avoid missed work.

3.Can shorten the construction time

After all, construction site dormitories are temporary residences, so they are generally not too particular. Therefore, it is a good choice to build fast and labor-saving container mobile houses. You only need to choose a suitable container mobile house, and you can live in it after a little decoration. Some even only need to move the container mobile house to a temporary parking place to live directly without too much decoration or construction.

4.Can be migrated at any time

When a construction site is completed, it will generally move to another site. In this case, the ease of relocation of the Container Transport Room highlights its advantages, and it can be used directly without disassembly or re-installation. The container mobile house can be used repeatedly, and its life span is very long, and users basically don't have to worry about quality problems.

5.Greatly improve safety

Living on construction sites, people are most worried about accidents such as falling heavy objects or sundries. With container mobile houses, users do not need to worry about the impact of other heavy objects falling or noise, which greatly reduces the occurrence of accidents. Because the container mobile houses are made of very thick steel plates, the quality is very strong and durable, can withstand larger impacts, and has good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire and water resistance, and moisture resistance.

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