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FAQs of Container Housing

Nov. 28, 2022

With the growing popularity of container housing, are you hesitant to invest in a container house? Here are some questions and answers that may help you make a decision.

Container Housing

container house

1. Are container houses safe?

The paints and finishes used on containers are industrial and used for ocean shipping, not residential, so they may contain lead and toxic pesticides.

2. Which states allow shipping container homes?

Suburban and rural areas tend to be more open to containerized housing. Texas, California, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon and Alaska are among the more progressive states that have opened their doors to containerized housing to some extent. Texas already has many container homes. California has been open to container homes and hybrid container homes, despite its reputation for red tape. Louisiana and Tennessee have experienced some of the most lenient and forward-thinking zoning regulations in the United States. As alternative living options continue to grow, it's only a matter of time before more states in the country start allowing container homes in designated areas.

3. What are the dimensions of a container home?

Containers are very limited in size and plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and other systems are quickly consumed. The container is designed to fit on a train, which means it is narrow and ordinary furniture will not fit. It does not leave much headroom after insulation and wiring are installed.

4. Can I add a roof to a container house?

There are several styles of roofs available for container houses, but flat roofs, pitched roofs, roof decks, and living roofs are the most common.

1) Flat roofs are the easiest, fastest, and least expensive to build, but require a slight slope to create a drain for rainwater, so maintenance costs are higher.

2) Pitched roofs are roofs that slope downward and are one of the most common roof types found in areas of intense rainfall and heavy snowfall. Popular examples of pitched roofs are hip walls, hips, slopes, pitched roofs, and pitched roofs.

3) Roof decks are creative flat spaces built on the roof to expand the occupiable or usable space. Many rooftop terraces are used for small outdoor gardens, dining areas, or recreational areas.

4) Living roofs are roofs that introduce plants and greenery. These roof types are both beautiful and natural and provide natural insulation and cooling.

Container Housing

container house

5. Will container houses rust?

Since container houses are made of metal, they may rust. Some containers were originally manufactured with an alloy, a process often referred to as weathering steel or weatherproof steel, which helps to form a surface rust layer, thereby mitigating further corrosion. The climate in which the container is located can affect whether the container house will rust, as wet and dry climates affect containers differently.

6. Container housing retains its value?

Well-maintained container houses can retain their resale value just like traditional houses. They are relatively easy to resell because they can be loaded onto a truck and shipped almost anywhere. Before you buy, you may want to ask if the container home is made for your climate, and if not, ask about modifications you may need to make to make it suitable for its intended location.

7. How long will a container home last?

Container homes should last at least 25 years but will last longer if well maintained or with siding to protect the exterior. Rust is the most common problem that can shorten the life of a container home. It is important to inspect the containers in your home and look for rust spots. Any problem areas should be treated and repaired to reduce the chance of rust spreading.

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