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Is a Container House Worth the Investment?

Nov. 08, 2022

If you want to try living in something other than a traditional home, consider a container home. But investing in a container home is a big decision. This article lists some factors to help you evaluate whether you should invest in a container home.

Container House

Container House

1. Low risk

Investing in a container home is a low-risk move, and there is a considerable market for it. Not only are container homes much cheaper than traditional homes, but they are also easy to convert and can be installed on smaller lots. If properly maintained, container homes also tend to last longer than mini-homes.  

2. Flexibility

Building and investing in a container home definitely brings various benefits, and if you plan to invest in a container home, in addition to living in it, you can: rent it out to visitors, tenants, or groups, convert it into a commercial or co-working space, rehabilitate and flip the property, buy and hold it for income, etc.

In addition, a shipping container is easier to modify than a typical house. You can turn it into a multi-story home or lift it off the ground to make it an eco-friendly home. You can even build stairs, decks, and windows. 

3. Size

Containers come in different sizes and configurations, but once you start adding all those extras to your container house plans (including kitchen accessories, built-in bathroom cabinets, plumbing, etc.), it becomes a bit restrictive in size. One of the big reasons some people like living in a shipping container is its compact size.

But its size is also a deterrent for others. Some containers are only eight feet long and six feet high, so traditional furniture may not fit inside. 

Those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle will enjoy container house living. Even if you don't plan on living in one, you can invest in a container home to rent out to vacationers.

4. Safe and durable

Containers are durable. That's why people are starting to turn them into homes. Containers are made of strong steel and can carry huge loads, and since they were originally designed to protect the product from intense stress and harsh weather, they are bound to protect their inhabitants from the same. Therefore, investing in a container home is worth it.

5. Location

Containers do not require a lot of lands. In states where land prices are prohibitively high, minimalist homes are becoming increasingly popular because they take up less space.

You'll make two to five times more money on a property if you invest near a popular destination with a great location, such as the beach, even if it's only a short-term rental rather than a long-term one. 

6. Permits

Some areas may require a permit for your container house. You may also need to obtain land titles and permits from your local municipality. While you may not need a building permit from some municipalities, container homes still need to comply with standard building codes. 

Therefore, always check with your contractor to see what the proper procedures are and which plans need to be submitted and approved. 

If researched and executed properly, purchasing a container home could be a very wise investment. So are you ready to invest in a shipping container home? Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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